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Historic Buildings and Sites
  • "Eye on Arlington," Civil War Times, April 2011.

  • "A New Life for Lorton," OnSite, Winter 2009-10.

  • "A Monumental Task," Preservation, July/August 2009.

  • "Renewing the Nation's Capitol," Modernism, Spring 2009.

  • "The Battle is Over," America's Civil War, March 2009.

  • "Lead Us Not Into Penn Station," Preservation, April 2008.

  • "New Directions for the Old Retreat (Lincoln Cottage)," Preservation, January/February 2008.

  • "Church Landmarking Offers a Brutal Lesson," Inform, January 2008.

  • "Modern Marvels," Period Homes, November 2007.

  • "Showing Its Metal," Preservation Online, July 25, 2008, and Loving Lustrons," Preservation, July/August 2007. Two articles about Lustron preservation.

  • "Destination: History," Land & People, Fall 2006.

  • "Southwest Sojourn," Traditional Building, June 2005.

  • Environmental/Sustainable Design
  • "An Interview with National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis," Parks, Number 4 (2010).

  • "A Watershed Moment for Barnegat Bay," Land + People, Fall/Winter 2008.

  • "Preaching and Practicing," Preservation, January/February 2008.

  • "Power with the People," syndicated to newspapers by Blue Ridge Press, fall 2007.

  • "Common Ground," Traditional Building, June 2007.

  • "Setting the Pace," American Hiker, Spring 2007.

  • "State of Nature," Traditional Building, October 2006.

  • "Hatcheries Strengthen Mussel Species in Appalachia," National Geographic News, December 2005.

  • Hurricane Katrina
  • "Into the Breach," Preservation, January/February 2006.

  • "House by House," Preservation, March/April 2006.

  • "The Battle of New Orleans," America's Civil War, March/April 2006.

  • "Planners, Preservationists Address Prospects for Gulf Coast Recovery," INFORM, Issue Four, 2005.

  • "When Disaster Strikes," Waste Age, March 2006.

  • National Heritage Areas
    Kim's master's thesis, titled Seeking Higher Ground: Determining Factors for Success in Appalachian Heritage Areas, examined mountain culture and preservation amid the burgeoning heritage area movement.

  • Abstract and Frontmatter
  • Chapter I: The Seeds of Success: The National Heritage Area Idea
  • Chapter II: Poor But a Gentleman Still: Land and Tradition in Appalachia
  • Chapter III: Meeting in the Mountains: The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area
  • Chapter IV: Rooted in the Trees: The Appalachian Forest Heritage Area
  • Chapter V: Challenges and Opportunities for Appalachian Heritage Areas
  • Endnotes and Bibliography

  • Civil War Sites and History
  • "Face-Off at Ford's Theater," Civil War Times, April 2012.

    Review of a Lincoln-Douglass play.
  • "Ken Burns: Communicating the Experience of War," America's Civil War, July 2008.

  • "A Conversation with Ed Bearss," America's Civil War, September 2007.

  • "A Double-Edged Sword at Shiloh," America's Civil War, May 2006.

  • "Fortifying Fisher's Hill," America's Civil War, March 2006.

  • Downtowns/Municipalities
  • "ISO: Affordable Housing for Public Workers," The Washington Post, April 1, 2007.

  • "Core Values," American City & County, November 2005.

  • "Most Valuable Player," American City & County, December 2005.

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